eBook on Dental Hygiene Practice

For a dental practice management consultant, I ghost wrote a 36-page eBook of 11,200 words describing the essentials of building and managing a functioning, profitable dental hygiene service. The eBook was created to show the value the hygiene department creates and how it contributes to overall practice success.

Below is the introduction to the booklet.

eBook on Dental Practice Management

The sample below is one chapter of a 12-chapter eBook ghostwritten for a dental management consultant. The book consists of 12 chapters, and covers everything from hiring, staffing, and scheduling to patient care and customer service.

Chapter 4, The Patient Experience, details the fundamentals of practicing exceptional customer care and is in draft form below.

Building on a Budget

This ghostwriting project required extensive research into the tools required for building a business online. The finished eBook consisted of 7chapters and 80 pages, covering topics including traffic generation strategies, social media marketing, guest posting on authority sites, and search engine optimization.

The sample chapter below discusses guest posting on authority sites to build credibility.

Monthly Column for Online Marketing Publication

This project required ghostwriting for a monthly online magazine aimed at the Network Marketing Industry and those distributors who wanted to market their businesses online. Each column was approximately 1500 words, and featured tips, strategies, and insight for marketers who wanted to improve their own writing skills.

The sample article, one of 15 I wrote, is called 2 Misused Punctuation Marks that Make Even the Smartest Marketer Look Like a Total Idiot.