eBook about Understanding Thai Culture

Perhaps one of my more unusual projects was ghostwriting as a Thai executive woman. I ghostwrote a 20,000-word, 71 page eBook to illustrate the principal cultural challenges Western men face when courting, marrying, and raising a family with a (respectable!) Thai woman.

The sample below is an exerpt called The Cultural Divide.

eBook for Executive Coach

After ghostwriting several articles for the executive coach’s blog, I was asked to combine them into an ebook entitled The Truth About Executive Coaching. The final project consisted of 7500 words at 32 pages, and its intended audience was C-suite executives, senior level managers, and Human Resources professionals.

The excerpt below consists of the table of contents and first 12 pages.


Building on a Budget

This ghostwriting project required extensive research into the tools required for building a business online. The finished eBook consisted of 7chapters and 80 pages, covering topics including traffic generation strategies, social media marketing, guest posting on authority sites, and search engine optimization.

The sample chapter below discusses guest posting on authority sites to build credibility.